The Finno-Korean Hyperwar was an ancient war fought between the two most powerful empires of the world, the Ancient Finnish Empire and the Hwan Empire. It is well known for bringing the end of the Hyper Era and bringing the world into a "dark age". The war was fought from between 8245 - 6172 BC. It is commonly debated how great of a role the secondary powers played in the war, as it is suggested that the Wewuz, Kang and Shied technocracies allied with the Hwan to stop the Finnish. The war is usually said to have begun with the Hwan invasion of Finnish India and ended with a mutual exchange of experimental Hyperspace missile strikes that caused levels of man-made destuction unparalleled across the known multiverse to this day, complete breakdown of all Hyperspace travel and communication due to the emergent Hyperstorm and rapid decline and collapse of both empires, although the Hwan are considered to have been technically victorious. The Emu confederacy is also considered a belligerent in the war, though they were not allied with the Finnish and merely invaded Japan.
Finno-Korean Hyperwar Info

Most of what we know about the Emu faction comes from the writings of Arthur Semenitis, he writes of how the Emu confederacy colonized Mars, unfortunately their colony was destroyed by a sonic flare gun from the nether regions of the Black Palestinian Galactic Empire. Semenitis (native to Emu Mars) is said to have contracted mental illness later on his life from excess exposure to sonic rays.

The Finno-Korean Hyperwar

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The Hwangook shortly before the Finno-Korean Hyperwar


Europe after the end of the Finno-Korean Hyperwar


The world during the Finno-Korean war. It has a few mistakes, most notably the complete absence of Lemuria, the White Khanate in America and the fact that the Hwangook control Japan.

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